After 6pm every trail is available to bikers

Before 6pm caution is to be advised

Restraint is to be observed in sensitve areas eg. National Parks

Restraint is not to be observed in areas that no one else ever uses eg. ugly countryside

Skids are for kids

If the trail has no classification but walkers have been seen on it then it’s fair game

Mind the English daffodills and bluebells (only wreck the Spanish ones)

When encountering walkers behave like we are meant to do on bridleways (but seldom do) ie. stop and yield trail unless they’re the landowner in which case you flee asap

If you continue to encounter walkers reconsider the value of the said cheeky trail and when best to do it if at all

The closer the cheeky trails are to civilisation the more acceptable it is to ride them

The fewer the amount of bridleways an area has the more right we have to get cheeky wid it

Alarmingly garish clothing is to be discouraged

Squealing brakes are not allowed

Do not ride where and/or when your presence will be easily detected

At no time should the cheeky percentage of your total ride total more than 50%

Do not hang around on the cheeky trails

Do not race on cheeky trails, just pause and enjoy the cheek instead

Stop looking so guilty!

Ride with a confident smile knowing that what you are doing is not wrong

If someone says “bikes are not allowed on here” reply with “yes, I know, silly isn’t it?”