(quotes, questions and answers)

q. what is "cheeky trails dot co dot uk"?
a. cheekytrails.co.uk is a website dedicated the art of riding mountainbikes on trails that aren't bridleways

q. but isn't that an illegal activity?
a. not technically but yes really

q. why is it that you cannot ride bicycles on non-bridleways?
a. because of the uk's bizarre and outmoded access classifications

q. what's wrong with just keeping to bridleways?
a. nothing. except there aren't enough in some areas and there certainly isn't enough tight technical singletrack er.. anywhere

q. so do you just ride wherever the hell you please, you irresponsible tosser?
a. no. check out the cheeky code of conduct above

q. what have you got against proper punctuation and capital letters?
A. Nothing. Nothing at all.